Find Proven Engaging Content to Share

Summary: A powerful SmarterQueue feature that lets you analyse all your social media posts, see the most engaging, and add those posts to your queue to be posted again. You can also analyse other accounts (perhaps a competitor or an account you share posts from) and sort their posts by most-liked, most-retweeted, or most-commented. This is an extremely powerful way to find proven content to share and to get ahead of your competitors. Take advantage of real data that no one else has!

How do I do it?

To get started, just click on Add Content on the navigation bar at the top of SmarterQueue. From there, selected Re-share Your Best Posts. You’ll then see a dropdown menu with all of the accounts that you have connected in SmarterQueue. You can select any account to analyze. SmarterQueue will quickly sort all of your posts by most-engaging and you can quickly re-share any of them. You can also change the import mode to Bulk and import all the best posts with one click.

There are countless ways to take advantage of this. Here are a few examples that you can quickly benefit from:

1. See your best posts and re-import them

Quickly analyze your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts and see which of your posts have had the best engagement. You can easily add all of these best posts to your SmarterQueue.

2. See what works best for your competitors

You can analyze a competitor’s social media accounts to see what posts are working best for them. You can compose similar posts or even re-share their posts.

3. Find the best posts from people you often share from

We all have a few social media accounts that we find ourselves re-sharing frequently. With SmarterQueue, you can now analyze these accounts and share only their most-engaging posts.

4. Find the best recent posts for a specific hashtag

Instead of just searching for a hashtag on Twitter and seeing every recent post, you can use SmarterQueue’s “Sort-by-Engagement” feature to see the recent posts that are actually receiving engagement.

We hope this new power feature will help you take your social media strategy to a whole new level by helping you locate proven engaging content for your brands and personal accounts. Let us know if you have any questions.