How SmarterQueue Breaks the Barriers to Using Instagram for Business

Let’s face it: Instagram is huge. According to the latest stats, 700 million people worldwide use Instagram every month, with 80% of Instagrammers following at least one business account on the platform. Instagram is growing like crazy, and eMarketer predicts that 2017 will be the first year that the number of companies using Instagram for business will surpass Twitter.

However, many businesses are tentative about dipping their toes into the Instagram pond. It may not be the newest social network on the block, but many businesses are still struggling to fit Instagram into their social media schedules.

The real trouble is that Instagram only allows you to post from a mobile device, meaning you constantly need fresh Instagram-ready images on your phone, and then you have to type each status on your phone’s tiny keyboard. It’s a lot of hassle and far too easy to end up with posts that lack any relevance to your overall social media strategy.

Fortunately, SmarterQueue is here to help, making it quicker and easier for you to post to your brand’s Instagram, resulting in 200% more engagement on average. So, what are you waiting for?

Barriers to using Instagram for Business

For companies looking to use Instagram for business purposes, there are three notable barriers that might make the platform seem like more trouble than it’s worth: finding content; integrating Instagram with your social strategy; and scheduling.

SmarterQueue’s advanced features are the answer to these notoriously difficult tasks that are necessary to maintain a large Instagram presence.

Be wary of any service that claims to post to Instagram for you automatically. Doing so is strictly against Instagram’s rules, so not only do you risk having your account blocked, but you also have to provide your Instagram password, which is a security risk.

Barrier 1: Finding Content

Many businesses don’t feel that they have enough image-based content of their own to use Instagram for business successfully. The images you do have on your computer probably weren’t taken with Instagram in mind. Using Instagram on its own means you could spend hours trying to select photos that look good, transferring these photos to your phone manually and writing a custom message for each with your phone’s tiny keyboard. Would you believe that most people still email their Instagram photos to their phone in order to share them?

Good news: original content isn’t the only answer. Content curation works just as well on Instagram as other networks, it’s just fiddly to do on the phone. SmarterQueue simplifies the content curation process by allowing you to find and use content from anywhere on the internet, and to analyse your competitors’ Instagram, to see their best posts, gain inspiration, and get proof of what works.

With the content curation feature, it’s easy to find and share great content—NOT only to be re-grammed from Instagram—but also shared from Twitter, Facebook, or even any web page, using the SmarterQueue Bookmarklet.

content curation with SmarterQueue

What’s more, you can type your post text, hashtags and mentions using the comfort of a full-size keyboard. You still have the full Instagram feature of being able to look up #hashtags and @mentions, to shout out to all the people you care about, and get extra visibility from the most relevant hashtags.

Barrier 2: Strategy

Most businesses with a social media presence are used to planning their content across all other platforms and networks together, leaving Instagram for when there happens to be an event worthy of a quick snap. With this curation tool that lets your find great Instagram content all the time, you can now think about content strategically.

Whether you choose to align your Instagram strategy with other networks or not, the visual content calendar in SmarterQueue helps you plan your Instagram strategy in advance. You can view your entire Instagram schedule at a glance, enabling you to consistently post meaningful content that is relevant to your audience.

Content categories let you plan what gets posted, and when. So, if you run a tech startup, you can ensure your schedule is balanced, with new product images on Mondays, tips and inspiration on Fridays and team candids in between. You are able to choose a category (with corresponding timeslots) for each and every post in SmarterQueue.

SmarterQueue's content calendar

Barrier 3: Scheduling

With a great source of content and a strategy in place, posting consistently (a necessity for curating a successful Instagram presence) doesn’t feel so daunting.

Unfortunately, using Instagram for business hasn’t simplified the regular posting process. Without a third-party tool, you are forced to post your photos one at a time, without the benefit of any insights into which posts your audience likes most and without knowing when your audience is most active. However, with SmarterQueue you can use content curation to see your best (or worst) posts from your Instagram history. This way, you can learn from the past to keep putting out the best content.

Instagram scheduling couldn’t be easier with SmarterQueue. With your photos and messaging uploaded in advance, and your categorised content calendar ready to roll, when your scheduled posting time comes round all you need to do is open the notification, and hit share!       

SmarterQueue also enables you to coordinate the same content across all your platforms. Create content for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn all at the same time, and enter custom text for each site. It’s the easiest way to send consistent messaging that looks perfect on each platform. In fact, this is one of our recommended Instagram strategies for non-profits and for-profit companies alike. 

Customised posts for every social media channel in SmarterQueue

Couldn’t I just make my own content calendar?

Sure, you could use a simple spreadsheet to build your Instagram content calendar, but it would still be up to you to remember to post each image at its specified time and you still have to do all the leg work of getting the photo and caption onto your phone. Using SmarterQueue’s mobile app, you never miss a post with reminders when it’s time to post. Let’s see a spreadsheet that can do that!

Notification for scheduled Instagram posts with SmarterQueue on iPhone

Get on the Instagram Train with SmarterQueue

With its scheduling and uploading restrictions, businesses used to find it difficult to leverage the benefits of Instagram for business. SmarterQueue will make your Instagram page shine by bypassing these barriers, and giving you full control over your Instagram presence.

With the number of Instagram users growing all the time, marketers and individuals alike can benefit from posting consistently with hassle-free uploads using SmarterQueue. It’s the smartest way to do social media. Properly.

Find out how to schedule your Instagram posts in SmarterQueue.

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