Pinterest outage

Pinterest experienced technical issues over the weekend, and as a result, no Pinterest-related functionality was available within SmarterQueue.

They have now fixed the issue, and normal service has resumed.

The outage lasted from 23:00 Friday 16th August until 08:15 Sunday 18th August (PDT)

Any Pinterest posts that were scheduled to be published during that time will have failed, and will appear within the “Failed” tab in your Queue.

To fix your posts, click the ‘pencil’ icon to edit each post.

This will open the Post Editor, where you can review/edit the post if you wish.

When you click Save, your post will be brought back to the top of the Queue to go out in the next available timeslot.

You can also choose Post Now to publish the post immediately.

Claude Schneider

Claude is the Founder and CEO of SmarterQueue.

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