Introducing Social Report: Fast, Free Social Media Analytics

Do you know how well your social marketing strategy is performing? Do you have access to insights that will guide you to make better marketing decisions?

Here at SmarterQueue, we’re big on data, and we decided to use some of our awesome tech to create a completely free social media analytics tool!

Social Report allows you to:

  • Discover your best posting times
  • See your most popular posts
  • Find your top #hashtags and @mentions
  • Track your engagement over time
  • Compare content types and number of #hashtags
  • Benchmark your success for future comparison

Social Report is a completely free social media analytics tool – no sign-up or download required!

Analyse your social profile now for free!

If you’re already a SmarterQueue customer, you have access to these insights already – and then some – within the ‘Analyse a Social Profile‘ section of your account.

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With a SmarterQueue account, you can also analyse other profiles to track how well you rank against your competitors!

Want these extra insights? Start your free SmarterQueue trial today! Here are 13 killer reasons you should be using SmarterQueue for social media management.

Suzie Ryan

Suzie is a Content Marketer for SmarterQueue based in London, UK. She loves helping brands and businesses find their voice through content and storytelling; and is particularly fond of the creative possibilities of social media as a platform. When she’s not writing, she’ll be found somewhere in North London, seeking out the bars that serve G&Ts in goblets. 🍸