Introducing the New and Improved SmarterQueue!

We gave one of our customers a sneak preview of our new Calendar view and Post Editor. Watch his video tour, or read on for his detailed guide to what’s new!


Hello SmarterQueue devotees! Pete from Do You Even Blog here.

I’ve been a power user of SmarterQueue since first discovering them last fall, and have been completely happy with the feature set.

It’s kind of like when your mother says “I love you just the way you are!”

But as it fortunately turns out, the SmarterQueue team is adding even more features that I didn’t even know I wanted.

But now I do. I do want these features.

They’re awesome, and I’d like to share them with you.

Here is what’s been added recently:

  • An overhaul of the “queue” page, including new weekly and monthly views for your queued posts.
  • An overhaul of the posting UI(!)
  • A better bulk-import feature for quickly adding tons of posts to your queue
  • A TON of tiny-but-useful features added on top 🙂

Check out your new queue dashboard:

Right off the bat, you’re going to notice some new views:

You can now view your queued posts in the list format (like the old dashboard), as well as by week and by month!

Smarterqueue list view

Before we dive into the weekly and monthly views, there are a few more new features to note:

  1. The most important actions are still available as icons (edit post, preview post, etc)
  2. The remaining actions are in a menu
  3. The post preview will slide out in the Info pane (right-hand pane)

SmarterQueue post preview

Also, you know the huge filter column attached to the left side of the screen? That’s “sticky,” and will remain fixed while scrolling.

(Yeessss I love you SmarterQueue devs)

You can also hide that left panel completely by clicking the filters button.

New: Week view

This is so handy.

SmarterQueue Week View

Now you can view your queued posts by week. A few things to note:

  • You can also show/hide any unused timeslots
  • You can click anywhere to add a new post for that day/time
  • You can click on an unused timeslot to add a post for that exact time or add it to that sub-queue

After playing around with this new view for 5 minutes, I can straight-up admit: It’s awesome.

Especially showing unused timeslots, and adding a post from anywhere in the week. It’s handy.

New: Month view

Equally cool is the new monthly view.

SmarterQueue Monthly View

  • You can click on a cell to add a post for that specific day
  • (You can’t currently drag posts between days – this will come later)
  • If you have more than 3 posts in one day, you can click the blue button to view all posts – they will appear in List view in the Info Pane (right-hand pane)
  • You can group posts by profile or category
  • If you click on a group of posts, it will open all the posts in List view in the Info Pane

Navigating through the “by category” and “by profile” tabs is an awesome way to get a quick snapshot of what you have coming up…

…and the new “slide-in-from-the-right” pane (pretty sure that’s the technical dev term) is super handy. See gif below.

Meet your new post editor

Out of all the new additions to SmarterQueue, this upgrade is by far my favourite.

Adding new content to your queue is now done in full-screen, with better previews, and additional link settings on the right.

SmarterQueue Post Editor

It’s sweet.

Note the following:

  • Combined text box for all profiles – You can write text in this Original box, to be used for all profiles. You can then click the tabs and customise the text for each profile. A pencil icon will indicate which profiles have custom text.
  • When you add a link, a Link Settings pane will be available on the right, where all the link options and preview settings are now found
  • The post time (draft/ now / top of queue / bottom of queue / schedule) is now a separate drop-down, with the Save button now at the bottom.
  • In the Link Settings, the Google UTM settings are now shown in a yellow box, with the custom UTM settings initially collapsed.

Here’s a glimpse at the new link settings pane:

SmarterQueue Link Settings Pane

The ability to add Google Analytics UTM parameters straight from here is really, really cool.

(Also note that just below the screenshot are the link previews again, where you can customize the share images and cards…similar to the old SmarterQueue posting process)

Overall, this posting process looks really, really good and feels even better.

New: Bulk import additions (add to top or bottom of queue!)

SmarterQueue Bulk Upload

SmarterQueue Bulk Upload to Bottom of Queue

While you might not be bulk-importing content from RSS feeds every single day in SmarterQueue, there is one addition worth noting.

SmarterQueue Bulk Import Settings

New stuff:

  • The Link Options now appear in a popup, with the same styling as the Post Editor (yellow section for Google UTM, custom UTM collapsed)
  • You can also choose to bulk import the new posts to the top of your queue, or the bottom of your queue

That ‘add to top/bottom of queue’ setting is now also a site default, in your Settings page, which also applies to the post editor each time you open it to create a new post.

This allows you to easily add new posts at the top of your queue for posting next 🙂

To sum up…SmarterQueue is awesome.

And I’m allowed to say that. I’m a paying user.

The new views and posting process are definitely HUGE improvements and have made the entire process of managing your social media queues and adding new content a breeze.

And it was already a breeze. Now it’s a quicker, easier, better-looking breeze.

If you’re not already trying out SmarterQueue, let me be their brand evangelist and say…you should!

You can thank me later.

Pete McPherson is a full-time blogger and podcaster at Do You Even Blog, where he interviews world-class entrepreneurs in an effort to TEACH people how to create impactful, authentic, and PROFITABLE blogs.


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